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Your steps to success in growing mushrooms

We are a highly innovative company in the mushroom industry. With more than 20 years of experience, and projects in over fifteen countries, GREENAGRO is at the top of the international mushroom industry. Our broad range of experience guarantees your long-term success, which will allow you to become a leader in the mushroom industry.

The project starts with the technical and financial analysis. At this stage, GreenAgro and the customer work together to develop a business plan. According to the requirements of the client, we select and develop the most optimal technological solutions for getting maximum profitability and return on investment of the mushroom farm.

After making all the decisions on the design and specification of the required equipment as well as getting approval for the general construction plan, we proceed to the engineering of the mushroom facility. During the design process we provide you with all the necessary drawings and technical documents for obtaining the building permit as well as for the commissioning of the mushroom project.

We provide the quickest and the most profitable way to import the equipment and we provide the optimal logistics.

The construction of large a mushroom farm is a labor-consuming and complicated process. It must be carried out in accordance with our strict quality standards. Therefore, the selection of subcontractors and quality checks of all semi-fabrics and raw material is always under our close supervision.

We continue our cooperation after the construction of the mushroom growing farm is complete. After the commissioning of the facility, in consultation with you, we provide your business with competent management and/or provide full agronomic support.

Composting facilities

GreenAgro Projects B.V. has years of experience with the construction of composting facilities for phase I, II, and III.

Substrate preparation bunkers

During the traditional substrate preparation process, high concentrations of odor components are given off. Because of the tightening environmental laws, indoor substrate preparation on aerated floors is becoming the norm. Additional advantages of indoor substrate preparation are that the air handling can be automated, the process goes faster and the quality of the compost is better.

Our facilities have been specially developed to comply with the strictest requirements. There are different possibilities: you can choose an open or a closed bunker, a water-recycling system, and, if desired, you can reduce ammonia emissions.

The air conditioning, with regard to oxygen and temperature, will be regulated perfectly by our air-handling system. Our own air-handling system is controlled by a computer that has been specially designed by us.


Years of experience have taught us that for the construction of composting tunnels it is best to choose RVS sandwich panels. The biggest advantage of these panels it that they have an optimal insulation coefficient. The floor is insulated on the inside with five-centimeter-thick extruded polystyrene sheets. The panel connections get a three-layer-thick internal sealant and the ceiling-wall-floor and corner connections are sealed with flexible synthetic membranes. A massive steel frame between the walls makes sure the building can withstand the pressure of the compost. The result is a very strong, fully sealed and optimally insulated tunnel that is perfect for producing compost. We are also able to supply all the necessary accessories and equipment, such as the pulling and gliding nets, the pulling winch, the head-filling machine, the hopper, and the conveyor belt.

GreenAgro has developed a computerized air-handling unit which ensures the optimal control of the climate in the tunnels.

New composting concept

GreenAgro Projects B.V. has years of experience with the construction of composting facilities for phase I, II, and III.

New System

In the traditional system, the growing cell was “built” in a building. With the new system, the ceiling of the growing rooms and the roof of the building are comprised of the same element. This element is a 200/250-mm-thick steel-sandwich panel. The core of this panel is a 200/250–mm-thick insulated sheet of extruded polystyrene with a fire-retarding quality. The topside of this panel has a roof sheeting of 500 μ PVC. This layer has a gray color to prevent the reflection of heat from the sun. The Rc-value of the panel is 5.3 m2K/W, which is an extremely high insulation value.


The advantages of this system are that the trusses, purlins, roof sheets, and gutters can be omitted. The panels are of a very high quality and do not need a lot of maintenance. Furthermore, there are no thermal bridges and the construction is a lot faster and cheaper to build.

Both the traditional and the new flat-roof system can be executed with the tray-and-shelf system. The systems can be adjusted to accommodate mechanical and manual harvesting. Furthermore, you can choose between concrete and sandwich panels.

GreenAgro has developed a computerized air-handling unit. This system ensures the optimal control of the climate in the growing rooms.

Reliable air handling

GreenAgro Projects B.V. has developed a reliable, economical, and user-friendly computerized air-handling system for the bunkers, compost tunnels, and growing rooms.

The GreenAgro air-handling unit is insulated and is comprised of a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame covered with stainless, 60 mm-thick sandwich panels.

Tunnel unit

The GreenAgro tunnel unit is equipped with the unique “T-damper” construction. This allows the recycling-air, the fresh air and the exhaust air to be mixed with one air-control damper. This eliminates the need for an overpressure security system. Furthermore, the air unit connections are at the rear end of the tunnel, which means that if there are any condensation drops they can no longer fall into the compost. GreenAgro Projects B.V. has developed these units and computers in cooperation with several national and international mushroom growers, compost producers, and advisers. The combined experience of these specialists guaranties the quality of our products and therefore your success.

Our dedicated team of specialists is also able to make an on-line connection with your computer, so we can give you professional help whenever you need it!

In short, the total air-handling system of GreenAgro Projects B.V. has been developed to maximize production in the most efficient way.

Growing room unit

The GreenAgro growing room unit has been developed in such a way that it meets the strictest hygiene requirements. The front side is a large lid that can open as a whole. This allows the heater block and the cooling block to be pulled out for easy cleaning. Moreover, the filters can be replaced effortless.

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