5 steps to success

5 steps to success!

We realize your turnkey project in 5 steps:

  • Technical and financial analysis
  • Design and dimensioning
  • Classification decisions and logistics
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Management of mushroom farm

1. Technical and financial analysis

The project starts with the technical and financial analysis. At this stage, GreenAgro and the customer work together to develop a business plan. According to the requirements of the client, we select and develop the most optimal technological solutions for getting maximum profitability and return on investment of the mushroom farm.

2. Design and dimensioning

After making all the decisions on the design and specification of the required equipment as well as getting approval for the general construction plan, we proceed to the engineering of the mushroom facility. During the design process we provide you with all the necessary drawings and technical documents for obtaining the building permit as well as for the commissioning of the mushroom project.

3. Logistics

We provide the quickest and the most profitable way to import the equipment and we provide the optimal logistics.

4. Construction and commissioning

The construction of large a mushroom farm is a labor-consuming and complicated process. It must be carried out in accordance with our strict quality standards. Therefore, the selection of subcontractors and quality checks of all semi-fabrics and raw material is always under our close supervision.

5. Management of mushroom farm

We continue our cooperation after the construction of the mushroom growing farm is complete. After the commissioning of the facility, in consultation with you, we provide your business with competent management and/or provide full agronomic support.


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