12 ha greenhouse by GreenAgro

GreenAgro Projects designs and realises 12 ha greenhouse to serve the demand for high end cucumbers in Moscow oblast.

Luchovitsy, Moscow Oblast, Russia - GreenAgro Projects B.V. from Hook of Holland designed and realises a 12 ha greenhouse project in Luchovitsy, southeast of Moscow. The customer of this project is TTR from St. Petersburgh and has big ambitions towards growing vegetables for the Russian market. This greenhouse will grow cucumbers mainly for the Moscow oblast. The greenhouse will be equipped with assimilation light and the power will be generated with 6 Jenbacher gas engines, each 3,3 MW. Equipment of internal logistics will be equipped by Bogaerts greenhouse logistics from Belgium. At this moment the construction of the heating area along with the energy building and the service area is in progress. The cultivation of the cucumbers will start in March 2015. Production goal is 8600 tons of small and medium sized cucumbers per year. Young plant will be cultivated on ebb and flood tables in 1 hectare of propagation greenhouse

More information is expected to be released after completion of the greenhouse in spring of 2015.

About GreenAgro Projects

GreenAgro Projects is a young company located in Hook of Holland, the Netherlands and has big ambitions. Main features of GreenAgro projects is that they really offer customers a total solution. Not only designing, purchasing and delivering are offered to the customer, but also local required project documentation, construction, logistics and greenhouse management are offered to the customer. The company itself is designed according lean and offers the customer short project time and a custom made project.

About TTR

Technologi Teplitsi Rosta realises two project this year in Russia, one in Tyumen and one in Luchovitsy. TTR aims to be marketleader in the production of high end greenhouse vegetables in Russia and wants to serve customers who are in need for luxury and tasty greenhouse vegetables like (cherry) tomatotoes, cucumbers and lettuces.

Next year at least two other greenhouses are scheduled for Astrakhan and Saratov Oblast. For more information, please visit http://www.ghgt.ru



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