Belka project

Belka project
  • Zlotow, Poland
  • 15,000 m²
  • Greenhouse
  • Screen installation (2 layers)
  • Heating installation
  • Electra with Hoogendoorn computer
  • Replace existing computer system for Hoogendoorn computer
  • Water technical installation
  • Hanging cultivation gutters
  • High pressurefogginginstallation

Explore the technical excellence of Greenagro’s realized project, the Belka Greenhouse, dedicated to cultivating tomatoes.

Spanning an impressive size of 15,000 m², this state-of-the-art greenhouse in Poland is equipped with advanced technologies to ensure optimal growing conditions. From precise climate control systems to efficient irrigation and nutrient management, every aspect is designed to enhance productivity and quality. With a focus on technical expertise, Belka Greenhouse sets a new standard in tomato cultivation, delivering exceptional yields in a controlled environment.