Donskaya Usadba project

Donskaya Usadba project
  • Rostov, Russia
  • 150,000 m²
  • Production and cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Greenhouse
  • Screen installation
  • Heating installation
  • Electra with Priva computer
  • Hoogendoorn labor registration
  • Assimilation lighting
  • Water technical installation
  • Hanging cultivation gutters
  • Container system for growing
  • High pressure fogging installation
  • Automatic internal transport system

“Donskaya Usadba” is a remarkable project realized by GreenAgro, showcasing the largest high-tech greenhouse in the Rostov region. Spanning an impressive area of 150,000 m², this state-of-the-art facility specializes in the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. As the developer and implementer of this project, GreenAgro has utilized cutting-edge technologies and expertise to create an innovative and sustainable environment for optimal crop growth. “Donskaya Usadba” is a testament to GreenAgro’s commitment to delivering outstanding greenhouse solutions.